Curetape Classic

CureTape® Classic is the most widely used kinesiology tape in the professional medical market world-wide. CureTape® Classic is a Class-1 Medical product.

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Curetape Art

CureTape® Art is manufactured according to a unique printing process. The cotton will continue to feel smooth and supple for the life of the tape.

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Curetape Punch

CureTape® Punch is developed with a unique pattern of holes.

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Curetape Sports

CureTape® Sports is developed specifically for sports appliance and made of Viscose. CureTape® Sports has 25% more adhesive power compared and is waterresistant.

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CureTape® is an elastic cotton tape with a hypoallergenic, acrylic adhesive layer. It is designed to mimic the skin in terms of elasticity and thickness. The tape is made of high-quality materials, adheres to the skin for 4 to 5 days and is water resistant. CureTape® is well known all over the world and produced in an ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015/ISO 13485:2016 certified factory in South Korea. The TUV Quality mark can be found on all CureTape® and quality control is in the hands of the THYSOL Group. The elastic properties of Kinesiology Tape allows full mobility after application, in contrast to the conventional non-elastic sports tape, which has the purpose to fixate joints and restrict movement. CureTape® can be used for various complaints and injuries. It can stimulate the healing capacity of the body, offers support and stability without restricting joint range. To get the best results with CureTape®, we recommend all practitioners to take a taping course to learn about the elastic taping techniques. The Medical Taping Concept (MTC) is the most advanced therapeutic taping method in the world of physiotherapy, sports performance and pain management. In the last 20 years, MTC has trained thousands of therapists in over 80 countries. In Europe, CureTape was one of brands who introduced medical taping in the medical field. CureTape® is a brand of the global company THYSOL Group BV. THYSOL Group BV has a worldwide portfolio of premium brands which include VetkinTape®, FASCIQ®, CrossLinq®, Medical Taping Concept® and THYSOL Academy an online educational platform.