CureTape® is an elastic cotton tape with an hypoallergenic, acrylic adhesive layer. CureTape®  is designed to mimic the skin in terms of elasticity and thickness. The kinetic tape is made of high quality materials, adheres to the skin for 3 to 7 days and is water resistant.

CureTape® is well known all over the world and produced in our own factory in South Korea. This way we can guarantee CureTape (TÜV registered) always has the highest quality.

The Kinesiology Tape enlarges the mobility due to function improvement, this in contrast to the conventional non-elastic sports tape, which has the purpose to fixate joints and restrict movement. For more information contact FysioTape, PhysioTape or click on your country flag and ask your distributor for more information.

To get the best results with CureTape we recommend all professional therapists to take a taping course to learn about the elastic taping techniques. The Medical Taping Concept is the most advanced therapeutic taping method in the world of physiotherapy, sports performance and pain management.

CureTape is a Thysol Group brand. Thysol Group has a worldwide portfolio of premium brands which include VetkinTape®, FASCIQ®, CrossLinq® and Medical Taping Concept®.