CureTape® Beauty

CureTape® Beauty

CureTape® Beauty is gentle kinesiology tape and therefore very suitable to use on people with very sensitive skin and for tape applications on vulnerable areas f.e. on the face or on thin skin (scar tissue) .

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100% hypoallergenic

CureTape is made of high quality elastic therapeutic cotton with an hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer.


CureTape® has been designed to be water-resistant so showering, swimming and bathing can continue as normal.

CureTape® Beauty

CureTape® Beauty is gentle kinesiology tape and therefore very suitable to use on people with very sensitive skin such as young children or older people. CureTape® Beauty can also be used for tape applications on vulnerable areas, for example on the face or on thin skin. All the products in the CureTape® range are hypoallergenic. In the rare case that someone with extremely sensitive skin has an allergic reaction then a different type of tape should be used. If the tape does not need to adhere for longer than a day then CureTape® Beauty can be used. An additional advantage is that the tape is easier to remove.

CureTape® Beauty, is perfect for:

  • Beauty taping (i.e. wrinkles)
  • Sensitive skin, commonly found in young children as well as the elderly.
  • Thin skin.
  • The diabetic skin.
  • People that have problems with lymphatic circulation.
  • Scar treatment
  • Recovery after surgery.


Cosmetic Taping – a new natural trend in the beauty industry

Cosmetic Taping is the new natural trend in the Beauty Industry, used to improve the overall appearance of skin in a natural way. This method derived from the beauty industry in Eastern Europe.

Stimulated by the media, a new beauty ideal has emerged over the years, making the use of botox, peels, fillers, injections and laser treatments normal. Even though immediate results can be seen through treatment procedures like injections, due to the immediate swelling that tightens the skin, there are many common side effects that you risk like inflammation, allergic reactions, headaches and even paralysis or asymmetry of the face. In addition, these treatments are very expensive and because the results are often temporary, you will continue to incur the costs.

With Beauty Tape you can achieve skin improvement in a natural and risk-free way.
Firming and smoothing the skin is a slower process but with regular use the results stay visible for much longer. Beauty Tape can also be used after a cosmetic procedure or liposuction treatment assisting with the removal of lymph fluid for a faster recovery time. This great post-treatment using the elastic taping techniques will ensure better results.

How does CureTape® Beauty work?

After application this elastic tape provides a lifting effect of the skin. The lifting effect has a great effect on blood and lymph flow, ensuring the removal of waste.

Several areas are affected in the skin:

  • Moisture removal is improved. The lymphatic drainage causes things like edema and bags under the eyes and surgery fluid.
  • Regeneration process of the connective tissue is stimulated.
  • The tape ensures that a stimulus is given to the collagen and connective tissue that provides a recovery response, which over time creates a firmer connective tissue and skin improvement becomes visible.
  • Fine wrinkles disappear and deep wrinkles become less visible.
  • The muscle tone can be activated or sedated with tape.


How often to use CureTape® Beauty with a facial treatment?

It is recommended to use the tape between 6 and 10 hours a day for the first 3 to 4 weeks. Best worn at night. After this period, the maintenance process follows and it is then recommended to wear the tape 1 to 2 times a week. This method can be perfectly combined with connective tissue massage, facial gymnastics or facial massage.

Attention for use on the face:

We recommend reading the instructions before use, applying face cream (just the one the person daily/normal use) before applying the tape. In this case the tape will even come off more easy.

Note: CureTape® Beauty is available in light beige.

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