CureTape® Sports

CureTape® Sports

CureTape® Sports 5cm x 5m is made of viscose and hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. It feels smoother, faster drying and provides an extra powerful waterproof adhesive layer.

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100% hypoallergenic

CureTape is made of high quality elastic therapeutic cotton with an hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer.


CureTape® has been designed to be water-resistant so showering, swimming and bathing can continue as normal.


CureTape® Sports 5cm x 5m is developed specifically for sports appliance and made of viscose (rayon), a semi-synthetic fiber. CureTape® Sports has 25% more adhesive power compared to CureTape® Classic and is water-resistant. CureTape® Sports carries the European TÜV quality mark and is made of safe-to-use, latex free materials. Although the name suggests only “sports” use, we also advise to use CureTape Sports on body-parts which can become “wet”, like the feet and hands.

CureTape® kinesiology tape is used for:
• activating the blood and lymph circulation
• (after) treatment of musculoskeletal injuries
• immediate pain relief and change of the range of motion
• improvement of muscle function and skin structures
• support for the joint function

Available in the colors: lime, black, blue, beige and orange.

CureTape® Sports 5cm

CureTape® Sports is a safe, latex-free product with the TÜV quality mark and is produced in our own factory in South Korea.

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Dimensions 500 × 5 cm