MyCureTape® Sports

MyCureTape® Sports

Take advantage of the MyCureTape® Sports discount tubes with 3 rolls of CureTape® Sports (5cm x 2,5m) in various modern colours. Packed in a practical, reusable tin tube! CureTape® Sports Kinesiology Tape has 25% more adhesive power than other brands!

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Trusted by health professionals & athletes
Dries quicker and has more adhesive power
Designed for sports & extreme conditions

Affordable set of MyCureTape® Sports discount tubes with 3 rolls of CureTape® Sports in various modern colours. The tubes are available in 3 varieties. This tape is extremely suitable during sports or for kinesiology tape applications where a stronger adhesive force is required (e.g. knee and foot applications). It is also suitable if you want to tape your ankle or knee preventively in order to avoid injuries.

About MyCureTape® Sports

The Sport Kinesiology Tape variant is made of elastic viscose and has an adhesive layer with 25% more adhesive strength than our other brands. Packaged in a practical, reusable tin tube!

CureTape® kinesiology tape is a trusted brand, widely used by therapists in the treatment of various complaints and injuries. The tape is skin-friendly and meets the highest quality requirements. CureTape® Sports is made of elastic viscose, is water-resistant, has a hypoallergenic acrylic-based adhesive and 25% more adhesive power than other brands. Viscose is as comfortable to wear as cotton, feels smoother and more supple and dries quickly. Ideal for sports, but also for preventive use. For most tape applications, a bonding time of 4 to 7 days can be expected.

The 2,5m rolls of kinesiology sports tape are packed in metal tubes, so they stay dust free and are ideal to carry in your sports bag.

Each tube contains 3 rolls of CureTape® Sports of 5cm x 2,5m. You can choose from a combination of 3 popular colours.

  • Tube 1: CureTape® Sports: Blue, Pink and Beige.
  • Tube 2: CureTape® Sports: Lime, Black and Blue
  • Tube 3: CureTape® Sports: Pink, Black and Blue

Why CureTape® Sports:

  • Viscose with hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer.
  • 25% more adhesive power.
  • Elastic, breathable and water-repellent.
  • Latex-free (with TÜV certificate).
  • Most popular brand of kinesiology tape among professionals.
  • Production in our ISO certified factory in South Korea ensures a consistent high quality product.
  • Complies with the latest European medical MDR legislation.

CureTape® Sports is used for:

  • Activating the blood and lymph circulation.
  • Sports related complaints and injuries, also during sports.
  • Applications where a little more adhesive strength is desired, such as hands and feet.
  • (Post) treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Pain relief and range of motion change.
  • Improving muscle function and skin structures.
  • Support of joint function.
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Lime, Black & Blue, Blue, Pink & Beige, Pink, Black & Blue