The method behind the tape

The basis for the Medical Taping Concept method was laid in Japan and Korea in the seventies. At the time methods of taping were being developed starting from the idea that movement and muscle activity are essential in maintaining and recovering health. The idea behind this was that muscles are not only attributed to the movements of the body but also control for instance blood and lymph circulation and body temperature. Improper muscle function can cause a range of symptoms and complaints.
Pursuing this idea, several kinds of elastic tape were developed which could support the muscles in their functions without restricting their movement. By treating the affected muscles in this way, the body’s own healing process would be activated.

Development of the Medical Taping Concept

In 1998 the Dutch company FysioTape BV developed the Medical Taping Concept method in combination with a high quality tape CureTape®. During the development of this method, it soon became apparent that the possible applications were more versatile than for only treating muscle injuries. New techniques were discovered like reduction of inflammations or accumulations of fluid (oedema and haematoma), corrections of posture, treatment of symptoms caused by overuse (such as RSI or tennis and golf elbow) and more. Worldwide there are nowadays physicians, physiotherapists, sports masseurs and skin therapists working according to the Medical Taping Concept. The Medical Taping Concept is a revolutionary method of treatment which differs fundamentally from the conventional taping treatment methods. Nowadays special Medical Taping courses, given by certified MTC instructors, are offered to various professional groups in the public health sector all over the world. To many professional therapists the Medical Taping Concept has become an essential addition in their practice. For information about courses, please contact the distributor in your country. They will be happy to help you further.

Wisdom from the far east

The basis of the Medical Taping Concept (MTC) was laid in the 1970s in Japan and Korea. The Dutch company FysioTape BV introduced this revolutionary method into Europe in 1998. CureTape®, a special top-quality elastic tape, was developed in order to achieve the best possible results with the method. CureTape® now enjoys global fame and is used in practically every country in the world. For good results to be realised, it is important that the tape is applied in the correct manner, which is why special MTC courses are given and why various books and DVDs have been published on this subject.

How does CureTape work?

The elasticity of kinesiology tape has been designed to mirror the elasticity of the skin. Applied correctly, kinesiotape mimics the elasticity of the skin therefore influencing various subcutaneous structures. In the hands of a trained skillful therapist differing techniques can be used to correct and adapt physiological structures, such as microcirculation, neuroreceptors, lymph vessels and the fascia.