Knee complaints

1. Knee arthrosis, instability and sprained or torn knee ligaments On the lateral side one ligament tape is applied. On the medial side of the knee two ligament tapes are crossed over each other with the knee slightly bent, because anatomically the ligament fibres cross each other here. The tape combination provides a sense of stability and pain relief in patients with knee arthrosis and knee ligament injuries after a sprain (dislocation of the knee).

2. Pain and limitation of knee movement (chondropathy) The cartilage underneath the kneecap can be damaged by joint injuries or overuse. Pain and limitation of movement are the consequences. The first tape stimulates the fascia around the patella. For additional stability and functional improvement or pain relief, a second tape can be placed.

3. The knee in plica syndrome (synovial plica syndrome) or fluid in the knee A plica is a fold in the synovial capsule that can become inflamed. The pain is on the inside of the knee and is worse on bending and stretching. This tape application can also be used for fluid in the knee. Apply the tape with very little stretch since it must not influence freedom of movement.