Morbus sever heel pain

On this page we have defined various kinesiology taping uses and applications. It is very important for physiotherapists and other health professionals and their patients, to have access to information regarding kinesiology taping. Below you will find articles that have direct application to your practice.

As health care professionals, whether you are familiar with kinesiology taping techniques or not, the following pages will help educate you so that you can consider kinesiology taping as a possible treatment method for your patients’ conditions. If a specific patients’ condition is not mentioned and you’re hesitating as to whether you should treat them with kinesiology tape, please feel free to email or phone us if you have any questions.

CURETAPE Applications

CureTape® can be used for a wide range of applications as follows: treating injuries, reducing inflammation or fluid retention (oedema and haematomas), correcting posture, treating complaints arising from strain (such as RSI, tennis or golfers elbow). It can also be used to influence the neural reflexes, such as those associated with headaches or menstrual pain.