Self-Taping Intro Pack

Self-Taping Intro Pack

Try out CureTape® with our introduction box that

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Stretchability from 130% to 140%
Lasts for 4-7 days
The most widely used tape among professionals.

The CureTape Self-Taping Intro Pack is the way to get started with kinesiology taping. This package contains several of our products to give you the best possible introduction to our range. It also enables you to choose your preference and compare different products.

CureTape® Self-Taping Intro Pack contains:
1 x CureTape® Soft touching Scissors
1 x CureTape® Classic Blue (5cm*2,5m)
1 x CureTape® Sports Lime (5cm*2,5m)
1 x CureTape® Art Leopard (5cm*2,5m)
1 x CureTape® Self-Taping Book (ENG)
1 x CureTape® Ballpoint Pen

  • 1 x CureTape® Classic  (5cm*2.5m)
    CureTape kinesiology tape is the most used brand among professionals. The Classic variant is our bestseller: versatile, skin-friendly, and meets the highest quality requirements. CureTape Classic is an elastic, breathable, cotton tape with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer. A bond time of 4 to 7 days can be expected for most tape applications.
  • 1 x CureTape® Sports (5cm*2.5m)
    CureTape Sports kinesiology tape is an elastic tape made of viscose with 25% more adhesive strength. The perfect choice for sports-related complaints and injuries, but also for other applications where more adhesive strength is desired, such as tape applications on feet and hands. The sports variant is also often chosen for preventive use during sports. CureTape Sports, is made of viscose. Viscose is just as comfortable to wear as cotton, it has a smoother, more supple feel to it, dries faster, and is easy to apply.
  • 1 x CureTape® Art (5cm*2.5m)
    The Art variant is a real eye-catcher with its modern, colourful prints; versatile, skin-friendly and meets the highest quality requirements. The various prints can be beautifully combined with the uni colors of CureTape Classic. CureTape Art has the same composition and adhesive strength as CureTape Classic and is also water resistant. CureTape Art is the only kinesiology tape manufactured using a unique printing process, in which the dye is completely incorporated into the fibers and does not lie on them. This keeps the cotton smooth, elastic and
    comfortable to the touch.
  • 1 x CureTape® Soft touching Scissors
    The CureTape scissors is perfect for cutting CureTape. The scissors have a soft handle and glue residue can be easily removed.
  • 1 x The Ultimate Taping Guide Book
    The book is intended for people who want to tape an injury or complaint themselves. In this book, we have selected a number of common injuries for which kinesiology tape can help in
    case it is applied with the right technique. These taping applications can be used for sports or for carrying out your daily activities pain-free. Tape applications are supported by QR codes
    with a link to an instructional video.