CureTape elastic kinesiology tapes are skin-friendly and anti-allergic. They are latex free, certified with the TÜV quality mark and produced in the ISO-13485/9001 certified factory in South Korea.
The high quality elastic cotton is water resistant and is backed with a breathable, hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer. CureTape products are Medical Class 1 registered and fulfil all European and international medical quality requirements.
Due to the high level of quality and control, CureTape is safe to use and therefore the best choice for the medical professional to achieve the best result possible within the treatment.

Basic principles for using CureTape® within a medical treatment

  • It activates the body’s natural recovery process.
  • It’s only for professionals.
  • Therapeutic treatment on anatomy and physiology versus function.
  • It supports the function and provides tissue protection.
  • Full freedom of movement.
  • It’s a 24/7 treatment and enabling tissue to recover optimal after trauma.


CureTape® effects

CureTape® effects

The elasticity of CureTape in relation to the elasticity of the skin is used to create a lifting effect on the epidermis. The visual effect of lifting the skin with tape are called “convolutions”.
CureTape stimulates the fascial structures through the skin and has an effects on all kind of systems in the body. It activates the body’s own recovery mechanism, with optimal freedom of movement.
By using different taping techniques, a range of different effects can be achieved.


CureTape® characteristics

  • Water-permeable, while still being water resistant.
  • Elasticity of the tape is similar to that of the human skin (130%-140%).
  •  Only stretchable in length.
  • High-quality ventilating material.
  • The tape can be worn for several days (3-5 days).
  • Developed for professional medical use.
  • Medical class 1 registered.
  • Latex free with TÜV quality mark.
  • Anti-allergic acrylic adhesive backing applied in wave-form.
  • Skin friendly, no added substances.
CureTape® product line

CureTape® product line

Depending the circumstances and the type of client, there are four categories of CureTape®
to choose for the best treatment;

CureTape® Classic

The Classic line is made of elastic high-quality cotton with a breathable, hypoallergenic acrylic layer. It is the most chosen type of CureTape. It is a safe choice and can be applied to all types of clients.
Rolls are available in 8 colours and in two dimensions: standard 5 cm x 5 m and giant rolls of 5 cm x 31,5 m. The four best selling colours are also available in an eye-catching and affordable BigBoy display box.

CureTape® Sports

CureTape Sports tape is made of viscose, a semi-synthetic fibre with a natural base. Viscose has the same comfort as cotton, although it has a softer touch and it dries faster. This material, with our hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive, provides extra powerful adhesion and is water resistant. CureTape Sports is very suitable to wear during intensive sports – even under extreme conditions. It is also very suitable for feet, hand and knee applications.
Rolls available in 5cm x 5 m and in 5 colours.

CureTape® Art

CureTape Art is made by a unique printing process, where the dye is completely absorbed into the fibre, keeping the surface smooth and soft. CureTape Art is the only printed kinesiology tape which uses this technique. The eye-catching prints of CureTape Art combines perfectly with the existing colours of CureTape Classic.
The material is made of elastic high-quality cotton and has the same adhesive acrylic layer as the Classic line.
Available in 6 different prints and in the size 5 cm x 5 m.


CureTape® Punch

The quality of Punch tape is the same as the Classic line but the rolls are provided with holes.
This uniquely perforated pattern exerts variable pressure. The perforated pattern causes differences in pressure within the tape applied, as a result of which receptors in the skin and fascia receive even more stimuli. CureTape Punch, provides increased stretch capacity and works three-dimensionally. The Punch line is very suitable for pain relief applications and for many lymphatic applications.

CureTape® Beauty

CureTape® Beauty is gentle kinesiology tape and therefore very suitable to use on people with very sensitive skin such as young children or older people. CureTape® Beauty can also be used for tape applications on vulnerable areas, for example on the face or on thin skin.



Apply CureTape successfully according to the Medical Taping Concept (MTC)

For CureTape® to work optimally, it is essential that the tape is applied in the correct way. Medical Taping instructors developed this treatment concept for different kind of medical therapists. The method is taught via several different courses and explains how to apply CureTape in the most beneficial way. It is important that the participants understand the theory behind the method, as well as understand how to create the best result with CureTape as a part of a whole medical treatment.

Medical Taping Concept is also known as Kinesiology Taping in the medical field. This innovative taping method, is fundamentally different from the conventional taping methods with rigid white tape. The non-elastic rigid tape is often applied for fixing or for immobilizing a joint. While the intension of kinesiology taping is to activate without restrictions.
This method has become a valuable addition to existing therapy possibilities and found increasing acceptance among healthcare professionals. Learn more about the kinesiology taping method >