THYSOL Group BV is a recently formed joint venture of two European companies active in the medical device industry, supplying and selling kinesiology tapes.

THYSOL Group BV headquarters are based in Enschede, the Netherlands. THYSOL Group BV acquired and successfully maintains the role of the number one kinesiology tape supplier in Europe, which sells under the brandname CureTape®. THYSOL Group BV cooperates with state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities in South Korea that complies with all of the internationally required certificates. Additionally, THYSOL Group BV expanded the brand family with CrossLinq®, VetkinTape® and FASCIQ®. Due to the fact that THYSOL Group BV is closely cooperating with the production facilities, THYSOL Group BV is able to partner with leading multinationals enabling THYSOL Group BV to distribute and supply the products worldwide as “class 1 medical devices”.

Due to this close cooperation with the South Korean factory, THYSOL Group BV can supply a high-quality product: CureTape®. This brand is the most commonly used kinesiology tape by professionals. It enables THYSOL Group BV to closely monitor the production process to ensure products of high quality. Additionally, the factory is ISO-9001/13485 certified and uses the most modern and newest machines.

CureTape has the TÜV quality label
To prove that CureTape® meets the highest quality requirements we asked TÜV Rheinland to test our product. TÜV Rheinland is one of the most important international technical service providers for quality and safety.

Their conclusion: CureTape® is a safe, latex-free product and we are proud to own this quality label!